The Highest Quality & Design in Patio Doors, Neuma Doors Represents 25 Years of Diligent Research and Development.

  1. High-Impact Fiberglass Door Skins

  2. Full Composite Frames

  3. High Performance Composite Jambs

  4. Three Layer Door Sweep Weather Stripping

  5. Screen Channels

  6. Waterproof Composite edging

  7. Innovative Weep-Hole Cover & Threshold Design

Construction / Features

Patio Doors

Escon Carries Neuma

Patio Doors

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Available with Blinds Between Glass

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10 Lite

15 Lite

• High-Impact Fiberglass Door skins.

• Full composite frames with each and every door system.

• High performance composite jambs for higher impact and water protection.

• Hinged doors have sweeps with three layers of weather stripping.

• Center hinged door jambs include screen channels.

• Our gliding doors feature a unique interlocking seal for superior performance.

• Waterproof composite edging.

• Both hinged and gliding doors feature innovative weep-hole cover and threshold design.